Sandals Liquor and Beer

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Sandals Liquor and Beer List

This post contains affiliate links. Read full disclosure here.

A question came up the other day when a client was asking what brands of alcohol the all-inclusive resorts serve. This is a ligit question and often people just assume they will get the brands they know so well and are served here at home. Well the truth be known many of the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean use local brand liquor in their drinks due to the fact it is much cheaper and readily available. Usually these liquors are used in those frozen fruity drink people love to sip on by the pool. Sometimes Tip if you specifically ask for a certain brand they may have it tucked away behind the bar. Some resorts advertise they use premium spirits but I find they are evasive about brands and rarely put anything on their websites.
If your paying the price for a luxury vacation, you should know you’re getting a luxury experience. At Sandals and Beaches that is exactly what you will get. They not only advertise premium spirits but also partner with some of these companies to create a true luxury all inclusive vacation. For example, you want a Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Bombay Sapphire…no problem they have it. You like wine? Included will be a great selection of Robert Mondavi wines and every resort every day. With an amazing selection of bar venues including swim-up bars, beachfront bars and over-the-water bars all the way to British pubs and the Caribbean’s first speakeasy, Sandals has you covered. Cheers!

Liquor List



Jack Daniel’s Black

Jim Beam

Southern Comfort




Brandy (Pouring)

St. Remy XO

St. Remy VSOP

Remy Martin VSOP



Gin (Pouring)*


Bombay Sapphire


Pimm’s Cup #1





Apricot Brandy

Blackberry Brandy

Blue Curacao

Cherry Brandy

Crème De Banana

Crème De Cacao Brown

Crème De Menthe Green

Peach Schnapps


Triple Sec

JRW Rum Cream

Irish Cream (Pouring)

Crème De Cacao White

Crème De Menthe White

Grand Marnier


Butter Scotch Scnapps

Benedictine DOM Liq.


Pucker Sour Apple

Sambuca Molinari

Coffee Liqueur



Tia Maria Coffee

Crème De Cassis

Bailey’s Scotch Liq.

Campari Bitters




Cockburn Special Reserve

Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry




Cocomania Coconut Rum

Appleton 12 Yrs. Old

Appleton Reserve

Coruba Dark

Appleton VX**

Appleton Special Gold (Pouring)*

Appleton Genesis White (Pouring)

Chairman’s Reserve (St. Lucia Only)

Westerhall Plantation (Grenada Only)

English Harbour (Antigua Only)

Mount Gay (Barbados Only)




Scotch (Pouring)*

Dewar’s White Label


Johnnie Walker Black**

Johnnie Walker Red

Glenlivet (Non-Jamaican Properties)

Glenfiddich (Jamaica Only)




Gold (Pouring)

Silver (Pouring)

Jose Cuervo Silver

Jose Cuervo Gold

Don Julio Blanco

Don Julio Reposado



Martini & Rossi Sweet

Martini & Rossi Extra Dry



Absolut Vodka**

Absolut Citron

Absolut Kurant

Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Raspberry

Absolut Vanilla

SKYY Vodka

Kirov (Pouring)*






Jameson Irish Whiskey

Canadian Club

Crown Royal

Seagrams VO



(Kimonos And Soy Only)

Wine Sake Sho Chi Bai



Twin Oaks Pinot Grigio

Twin Oaks Chardonnay

Twin Oaks Sauvignon Blanc

Twin Oaks Merlot

Twin Oaks Shiraz

Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon



Sparkling Wine (Pouring)



(The Rabbit Hole Only)

Original Moonshine

Strawberry Moonshine

Cherry Moonshine

Blackberry Moonshine

Apple Pie Moonshine



Glenlivet (Non-Jamaican Properties)

Glenfiddich (Jamaica Only)

Appleton 12 Yrs. Old

Grey Goose

Hendricks Gin

Ruffino Prosecco


*Club Sandals Level

** Butler Level



All info subject to changes.




Resort Location and Availability
Beer Type Specific Location   JAM   ANT    STL    BAH    TUK    GRE   BAR
Banks Draught & Bottle All Bars
Budweiser Can All Bars
Carib Draught & Bottle/Can All Bars
Ciderboys Apple Cider Bottle Pub Only
Ciderboys Apple/Peach  Cider Bottle Pub Only
Deputy Draught & Bottle All Bars
Gluten Free Estrella Daura* Bottle Special Request only in Room
Guiness Draft Can Non-Jamaican Pub Only
Guiness Stout Bottle Jamaican Pub Only
Heineken Bottle Special Request only in Room
Kalik Draught & Bottle All Bars
Kingfisher Bottle Bombay Club Only
Kirin Iciban Lager Bottle Asian Restaurants Only
Miller Lite Can All Bars
New Castle Ale Bottle Pub Only
Non-Alcoholic Beer* Can Special Request only in Room
Piton Draught & Bottle All Bars
Red Stripe Draught & Can All Bars  ✔ (Cans)
Red  Sripe Light Draught & Bottle All Bars
Sands Draught & Can Pub Only
Sands Light Draught & Can Pub Only
Singha Bottle Bottle Royal Thai&Jasmines Only
Stag Draught & Bottle All Bars
Stella Artois Bottle Pub Only
Tsing Tao Bottle Chi Only
Turks Head Draught & Bottle All Bars
Waddali Draught & Bottle All Bars
*Gluten Free Estrella Daura – This needs to be requested three (3) weeks in advance.
*Non- Alcoholic Beer -This needs to be requested three (3) weeks in advance.
All info subject to changes without notice.

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4 comments on “Sandals Liquor and Beer List

    • Anne Smith on

      Honey this isn’t sandals website, its just a site that collects info, if you want something specific like that you’d better call/email the resort directly

  1. bernyAcuck on

    And we are here today to talk about one exclusive resort brand that offers all the top alcohol brands! And that is Sandals Resort properties. Sandals is a trusted all inclusive resort brand that House of Travel represents and we love their resorts because their quality of inclusions are simply the best!


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